Article: How can I purchase next year's leave planner?

Article Summary: "This article describes how to purchase and setup the planner for a new calendar year"

Step 1 - Purchase the planner
  • Use the Purchase & Pricing page to find the planner with the dates and number of employees that you need, then proceed to purchase and download the planner.
purchase and pricing

Step 2 - Import the data from your previous planner
  • Open the planner and click on the red "Click here to setup the Staff Leave Planner" button.
  • Once you've accepted the license agreement, choose the option "I want to import employee data, keycodes and settings from a previous planner" and click on the Next button
  • purchase and pricing
  • Browse for the planner that you wish to import the employee names and keycodes from then follow the rest of the import wizard.
The planner will import all of your employee data, keycodes and settings so you will not have to set these up again.
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