Article: How to Show the Annual Leave Remaining and other Summary Columns on the Calendar Worksheets

Article Summary: "This article describes how to customise the planner so that you can show leave taken, leave total and leave remaining columns on the planner."

The Staff Leave Planner allows you to customise up to 5 information columns on the Calendar worksheets. Depending on the setup of your categories, these can be either:
  • The amount of leave taken.
  • The amount of leave entitlement.
  • The amount of leave accrued.
  • The amount of leave remaining.
This article will describe how you can modify these columns, with an example demonstrating how to show an "Annual Leave Remaining" column.

Annual Leave Remaining

Example: How to show a Leave Remaining Column
  • Login to the planner and navigate to one of the Calendar worksheets.
  • Click on the orange "Calendar Settings" button.
  • Under the "Customise the Information Columns Shown" area, find the next empty dropdown box and select the following:
    • Category: Annual Leave
    • Information to Show: Amount Remaining
    • The column title will be automatically populated (you can change this if you wish).
  • Click on the Apply button. The planner will automatically recalculate the data and show the requested column(s).

  • Annual Leave Remaining

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