Article: How do you import data from a previous Staff Leave Planner?

Article Summary: "This article describes how to import data from a previous Staff Leave Planner into your new planner."

The Staff Leave Planner will allow you to import data from a previous planner. The import routine will transfer across:
  • All of the data on your "Employee Data" worksheet.
  • All of your leave categories and keycodes.
  • All of your settings e.g. calendar settings, column setup, your admin password (if applicable), etc
Note: You can only perform the import when you initially setup the planner.

How to Import Data from a previous planner

  • Open up your Staff Leave Planner.
  • Click on the red "Click here to setup the Staff Leave Planner" button.

  • If you choose to, accept the license agreement and click next.
  • Choose the option "I want to import employee data, keycodes and settings from a previous planner" and click next.

  • A file browser dialog will be shown. Browse to the planner that you wish to import the data from and click on the "Open" button.

  • On the final setup screen you can choose some options around national holidays and set your company name.

  • Click on the "Setup the Planner" button to complete the setup. The planner will then import your detail across
Note: After the importing has completed you may wish to check the data that has been transferred to the Employee Data sheet, as the planner will copy across all employee information.

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