Article: How to Add, Edit & Delete Employee Information

Article Summary: "This article describes how to setup your employee details on the planner."

The "Employee Data" worksheet is used to store your employee details such as name, department and the amount of entitlement that each employee has for the various types of leave that you have setup on your planner. It can also be customised to store additional information about your employees, for example the date they joined your company.

How to Add Employee Details onto the Planner
  • Login to the planner and navigate to the "Employee Data" worksheet.
  • Click on the orange "Add Employee to Planner" button. The planner will identify the next free row and select the "First Name" cell for you.
  • Enter the employee details onto the row:
    • Enter the first name.
    • Enter the last name.
    • Enter the department (if you have this column enabled).
    • State whether leave is tracked in "Days" or "Hours" (if these options are not shown you can edit them via the settings by clicking on the orange "Employee Data Settings" button).
    • Enter the leave entitlement your employee has for all of the columns that are displayed. This will update the "Total Entitlement Calculated" column for the leave category.
Note: You can insert additional columns to add or subtract from leave totals. You can also add your own columns to store additional information against each employee. This is done via the settings which can be accessed by clicking the "Employee Data Settings" button.

Employee Data Sheet

How to Delete Employees From the Planner

The planner has a built in feature to remove multiple employees at a time from the planner. This will remove the information from both the "Employee Data" and Calendar worksheets.
  • Login to the planner and navigate to the "Employee Data" worksheet.
  • Click on the "Delete Employees from Planner" button.
  • Select the employees to delete:
    • Choose from the dropdown and click on the "Add to List" button, or
    • Click on the search button and use the search form to select the Employees.
  • Once you have selected all of the employees to delete, click on the "Delete These Employees from the Planner" button.
The planner will then remove the employees from the Employee Data and Calendar sheets.

Employee Data Sheet

How to Edit Employee Details

The employee details can only be edited from the "Employee Data" worksheet, not the calendar sheets. To edit the employee details:
  • Login to the planner and navigate to the "Employee Data" worksheet.
  • Click on the cell you wish to edit.
  • Type in the new value.

  • The planner will automatically update the calendar worksheets.
If you wish to update an employee’s leave entitlement, ensure that you update the "Annual Entitlement" column on the Employee Data sheet (note: the "Total Entitlement Calculated" column is automatically calculated, taking into account the value in the "Annual Entitlement" column plus any additional columns you have setup).
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