Article: How to Customise the Keycodes and Categories on the Planner

Article Summary: "This article describes how to customise the keycodes and categories on the planner."

The Staff Leave Planner allows you to customise the categories and keycodes on the planner. It will allow you to add up to 30 different types of leave categories, with up to 150 different types of leave codes.

The planner differentiates between types of annual leave (referred to as "Leave Categories") and leave codes that you would enter onto the calendar (referred to as "Keycodes"). A leave category can have one or more keycodes associated to it, e.g:
  • Sickness is an example of a leave category. It has 2 key codes associated to it:
    • S - Represents a full day of sickness
    • Sa - Represents a half day of sickness
Essentially, the leave category is the collective name given for all of your individual leave codes.

Each leave category can be setup in 2 types of ways:
  • To track entitlement - This will allow you to define how much of this type of leave an employee is entitled to (a column appears on the "Employee Data" worksheet), and keep track of the amount of leave that they have taken.
  • To count entitlement - To simply keep a count of the amount of entitlement an employee has taken for this type of leave.

How to Customise the Leave Categories and Keycodes

The leave categories and keycodes can all be customised from the "Key" worksheet by clicking on the orange "Click here to Customise the Key " button. Customise Key

This displays a form that allows you to change the categories and keycodes on the planner.

The following video demonstrates how to customise the key. It covers the following topics:
  • Creating a new leave category that tracks leave entitlement.
  • Adding keycodes to the new category.
  • Changing the Calendar settings to display the amount of leave remaining for this category.

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