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Simple, Effective Leave Management.

Our Staff Leave spreadsheet is a powerful tool that allows you to track, report and manage the leave of your employees.


Track holiday leave, sick leave, training and more. Customisable with your own types of leave.


Limit access to the planner and provide your users with a read only view of the data.


Generate detailed leave reports which can be exported and shared.


Our team will support you if you have any questions or technical issues.


To learn more about the staff leave planner click on the images below.

Excel Staff Leave Calendar
leave entitlement leave remaining
accrued leave
comments and national holidays
tracking in hours and multiple entries
individual report
group leave report
monthly calendar
keys and categories


The Staff Leave Planner tracks leave across a fixed 12 month period, typically your business year, with support costs included in the price (see terms and conditions for more information).